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End of Life OpenNI/OpenNI2

PrimeSense had developed OpenNI/OpenNI2 for PrimeSensor.
PrimeSense has been acquired by Apple at November 2013.
Accordingly, You will not be able to access to from April 23 2014.

Redistribution OpenNI/OpenNI2

I will re-distribute OpenNI/OpenNI2 that had been distributed in in compliance with Apache License version 2.0.
I assumes no responsibility whatever for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential damages and any other damages resulting from the use of this OpenNI/OpenNI2.
In addition, I can’t any support about OpenNI/OpenNI2.

* I got permission to redistribution OpenNI/OpenNI2 installer by PrimeSense. But, If there is request from rights holders, I might want to stop re-distribution without notice.
* NiTE/NiTE2 can’t re-distribute because that license doesn’t allow re-distribution.

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