NuiTrack SDK Sample Program for RealSense D400 series

What is NuiTrack?


NuiTrack is middleware to human pose estimation developed by 3DiVi.
It is supports many sensors that currently on sale such as Intel RealSense D415/D435, ASUS Xtion2, Orbbec Astra.
It is a powerful choice as a human pose estimation middleware that can be easily used with these sensors.

The main features of NuiTrack are as follows.

  • User (human area detection)
  • Skeleton (human pose estimation)
  • Hand (hand pointer)
  • Gesture (gesture recognition)


The license of NuiTrack is required for each sensors.(License/Sensor)
And, There is an Annual License (29.99USD) or Permanent License (59.99USD).

If you don’t have these license, NuiTrack will run as Trial License (FREE).
In case of Trial License, The features that dependent by middleware such as human area detection and human pose estimation for run up to 3 minutes. There are no other feature restriction.

NuiTrack SDK

You can download NuiTrack SDK by registering your email address and name in form. If your target is Windows x64, You should download the following two files.

  • platforms/ contains headers and libraries for development, and nuitrack-\<platform>.zip contains runtime and tools.
You will setup it according to the document. Be careful, OpenNI 1.x is requred.

NuiTrack SDK Sample Program


I will publish a sample program of NuiTrack SDK written in C++. It is mainly targeting to RealSense D400 series.
This sample program implements the following basic features of NuiTrack.

  • Color
  • Depth
  • Align
  • User
  • Skeleton
  • Hand
  • Gesture


Please download the sample program from the following repository.

Development Environment

The sample program works on the development environment that required by NuiTrack. It also depends on OpenCV to handle image data.
The recommended environment is as follows.*1

*1 I recommend using tools and libraries of latest stable release.

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